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Seeds of Change
Why Organic?
Planning Your Garden

The 5 Keys to setting up your successful garden

Organic agriculture describes farming systems that sustain the health of soils, ecosystems and people. Organic farming does this by:
  • Rotating crops
  • Using biological pest control instead of synthetic pesticides
  • Applying compost or aged manure instead of chemical fertilizers
Organic farming methods are regulated by national and international laws and enforced by independent certification agencies.All Seeds of Change® seeds are grown on certified organic farms.
Certification required
No genetically modified organisms (GMO's)
Independent inspections
Grown without synthetic pesticides or herbicides
Grown without chemical fertilizers
Growing Organic Is Easy
Start by building a healthy soil with compost. It encourages the beneficial microbes to do their job, which helps your plants thrive, creating more flavor and nutrition for you! Beautiful ladybugs help control garden pests and you never have to worry about a chemical residue in your food. Planting flowers or cover crops with your vegetables attracts important pollinators and insect eaters so your harvest will be bountiful.
Choose Organic
When you buy or grow organic, you're choosing to improve the health of your family, community and planet by reducing the impact of chemicals on our environment. Together, each of our individual efforts can add up to make a big difference.