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Organic Dry Rice Seven Whole Grains - 5.6oz box
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From "pilau" to "polow" to "pilaw" to "pilaf", there are countless variations on the spelling of this Middle Eastern dish. Which is a testament to its wide-spread popularity. Along with a unique name, each culture has given pilaf their own unique spin on the recipe. Not to be outdone, we have too, blending long grain brown rice with six other grains — including barley, oats, spelt and bulgur — and spicing it up with a mixture of herbs. So what should you call it when friends from Uzbekistan suddenly drop by for dinner? Seven Grain Palov Blend. What else?

Start From Seed: Detailed instructions for direct seeding, or starting seeds indoors and transplanting.
Growing Conditions: Growing seasons, soil types, water and fertility requirements.
Pest Prevention: Organic solutions to common problems.
Harvest: Is it ready yet? When to harvest and how to store your garden produce.
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