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Organic Indian Jalfrezi Simmer Sauce - 12oz Jar
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There are certain phrases most Americans don't normally hear around the dinner table. No one says, for instance, "Could you pass the fenugreek." And rarely does one hear, "This is delicious, Mom, but it needs just a touch more turmeric." That's why we love Jalfrezi. Roughly translated, it means stir-fry. And the aforementioned spices help give it an exotic medium-hot kick. Oh, one more thing about those spices: In our Simmer Sauces, they're all organically grown and painstakingly selected, just as you'd expect from any Seeds of Change® product. Which is important, because you never know when your spouse is going to say, "Honey, could you pass the cardamom shaker?"

Start From Seed: Detailed instructions for direct seeding, or starting seeds indoors and transplanting.
Growing Conditions: Growing seasons, soil types, water and fertility requirements.
Pest Prevention: Organic solutions to common problems.
Harvest: Is it ready yet? When to harvest and how to store your garden produce.
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