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Zinnia, Peggy's Delight
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Zinnia elegans

A square-edged version of the traditional zinnia, the flowers of this fascinating variety come in a vast array of forms and colors reminiscent of show dahlias and mums. Each flower is unique with subtle tones of pink, orange, gold and apricot. It is truly delightful!

Calendar Days to Harvest: 85

05086 Pack, Zinnia, Peggy's Delight
75 seeds $ 3.49
06515 Bulk, Zinnia, Peggy's Delight
750 seeds $ 19.99
  • Open Pollinated
  • Size: 3 -4 feet plants, 3 -4 inch flowers
  • Hardiness: Tender Annual
  • Easy to Grow: Yes
  • Sun: Full
  • Water: Moderate
  • Seed Planting Depth: 0.25"
  • Plant spacing within a row: 8"-12"
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5 based on 4 reviews

Most Gorgeous of All Zinnias

by 3790425 on 9/1/2013 7:55:24 PM

I do not know why Seeds of Change have chosen the picture above to illustrate Peggy's Delight. Horrible picture; positively gorgeous flowers. I purchased the seeds last year and have ordered again this year. Peggy's Delight bloomed in glorious gold, saffron yellow, pastel pink and orange in my garden. It seemed as if it took forever for them to bud and blossom but certainly worth the wait. If I could upload my pictures, I certainly would. You would then see the beauty and glory of these zinnias.

What a Relief!

by 5027409 on 2/12/2015 3:57:20 PM

Thank you, 3790425, for the above review. I hesitated to buy this seed because of the wilty look of the flowers on the packet, but I bought them because I love zinnias and hoped they would redeem themselves in the garden. I am so excited to have these to photograph, paint and enjoy this summer. Fingers crossed.

Peggy's Delight and Benary Giants

by 3790425 on 5/26/2015 7:40:47 PM

Hi, 5027409, I hope that your Peggy's Delight Zinnias do as well for you as they do for me. Zinnias are my favorites and I always plant Benary's Giant (Johnny's), Exquisite (Burpee) and Peggy's Delight. The Peggy's Delight never cease to amaze me with the glimmering, square-petal, spectacular flowers... particularly the saffron yellow and the amazing gold. My birds, bees, butterflies and hummingbirds love them.

The hit of our 2015 garden!

by 4823607 on 11/6/2015 7:38:23 PM

It is November and, after two light frosts here in Chicagoland, our Peggy's Delight Zinnias still have a few flowers. They will be zapped tomorrow night by hard frost, so I am cutting them and bringing them in to put in a vase. They had incredibly fast germination and 100%, starting them indoors in wet coffee filters. They crew fast and we had an enormous number of blooms all summer and they kept on blooming well into fall. Colors are beautiful and flowers are very large. We will grow these every year.

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