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Flower Bulbs,  Nova Lux Gladiolus (Yellow) - 6 Bulbs
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Cheerful yellow blooms adorn 2-3 foot spires.

231-07935 Live, Flower Bulbs,  Nova Lux Gladiolus (Yellow) - 6 Bulbs
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Start From Seed: Detailed instructions for direct seeding, or starting seeds indoors and transplanting.
Plant in the late spring after all danger of frost has passed and the soil begins to warm. You can store your corms in their bag in the refrigerator (or a cool, shady location) until you are ready to plant. Prevent the corms from drying out by keeping them in slightly moist peat moss or wood shavings, but don’t allow them to rot. Dig your planting area 12-18 inches deep, and amend with well decomposed compost and a sprinkling of our organic Fish-Bone Meal. Plant the corms 4 inches deep, pointy end up, and 4-6 inches apart. Press the soil firmly around the bulbs and water. Install stakes or supports at planting time, being careful not to damage the corms. You should notice the sprouts 2-3 weeks after planting if the weather is warm and favorable. Fertilize with our Bio-Fish Blend when the plants are 6-12 inches tall to encourage stronger plants and more blooms.
Growing Conditions: Growing seasons, soil types, water and fertility requirements.
Easy-to-grow Gladiolus are prized as long lasting cut flowers with colorful blooms arranged on tall spikes that open from the bottom to the top. They prefer deep, well drained soil amended with generous amounts of well decomposed compost, and a slightly acid pH between 6-6.5. Gladiolus will easily rot in wet, heavy soils. Plant in full sun sheltered from the wind as they are easily blown over and need to be staked or supported. Provide about 1 inch of water a week during the summer months, watering deeply and less frequently to reach the deeply rooted bulbs. They are winter hardy in USDA zones 7-10. In colder zones the corms are lifted and stored for replanting again the following spring.
Pest Prevention: Organic solutions to common problems.
Protect from gophers, moles and voles by planting in wire baskets or wire-bottomed raised beds. Fence or use a repellent to prevent deer damage. Your bulbs will rot if overwatered or planted in heavy soil - loosen the soil and amend with compost to improve drainage. Yellow and green streaky foliage and flowers that fail to open may be caused by thrips. Control thrips with blue sticky cards and beneficial insectary plantings. Yellow foliage may indicate a virus problem - destroy infected plants to prevent spread by insects.
Harvest: Is it ready yet? When to harvest and how to store your garden produce.
Cut your glads for flower arrangements when the lower flowers open and the higher buds have a bit of color, they will continue to open up along the stalk after cutting. Leave the remaining foliage to continue to nourish the corms for next year. In USDA Zones 7-8, mulch the planting area to protect from winter cold. In colder zones, dig up the corms before your first frost. Trim the stalks to 1-2 inches, brush off the excess soil, and dry the corms for a week or two to prepare for storage. Discard any unhealthy looking corms and store the rest in a well ventilated place between 35-45°F for replanting the following spring.
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