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Safer Garden Dust
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This pest control product is very effective in killing caterpillars and worms including corn ear worm, bollworm, armyworm, diamondback moth, green cloverworm, hornworms, loopers, melonworm, pickleworm, tomato fruitworm, tobacco budworm, salt marsh caterpillar, mimosa webworm, and imported cabbageworm! The Safer Brand Garden Dust utilizes Bacillus thurengiensis [var. kurstaki] which once ingested by the pest, causes them to stop feeding and kills them within a few days. Use at a rate of 2-3 ounces per 50 row feet. Does not harm bees, ladybugs, pets or humans. Breaks down after a few days in sunlight. OMRI listed for use in organic gardening. (8 oz.)

220-07036 Safer Garden Dust
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Start From Seed: Detailed instructions for direct seeding, or starting seeds indoors and transplanting.
Growing Conditions: Growing seasons, soil types, water and fertility requirements.
Pest Prevention: Organic solutions to common problems.
Harvest: Is it ready yet? When to harvest and how to store your garden produce.
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