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Seeds of Change
Planting a garden can be a rewarding experience that keeps on giving for many months. Follow our great advice and you’ll be well on your way to growing a healthy, sustainable garden.


Composting Simplified
Composting Simplified:

Step-by-step instructions for making your own compost pile.

Science and Art in the Compost Pile
Science and Art in the Compost Pile:

The scientific basis for understanding decomposition processes in the compost pile.

Direct Seeding and Transplanting
Direct Seeding and Transplanting:

Use the best method to start each crop.

Growing Healthy Seedlings Indoors
Growing Healthy Seedlings Indoors:

It’s easier than you think!

Cover Crops for weed suppressing mulch
Cover Crops for weed suppressing mulch:

Cover crops prevent weeds and help your plants without much added labor.

Succession Planting
Succession Planting:

Keep your garden productive all year long.

Planting videos

Starting Seeds Indoors

Step by step instructions for starting your seeds indoors.

How to Make a Compost Pile

Soil Preparation

Put your effort into building good soil for easier garden maintenance and long lasting rewards

Direct Seeding and Transplanting

Step by step instructions for getting your crops growing

Mini Farm Box Assembly

How to set up your Mini Farm Box in less than 5 minutes.

Installing Your Drip Irrigation Kit

Easy step-by-step instructions for setting up your drip irrigation kit