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Our Organic Seeds

We Grow Our Seeds Organically
We are committed to safeguarding your health and that of the planet. Organic, sustainable agriculture produces healthy soils, naturally rich and balanced in the nutrients plants need. That's why we grow 100% of our seeds organically on our own certified organic research facilities and through our unique network of certified organic family farms.

We Do Not Use GMOs
To be certified organic, we must prove and warrant the absence of any transgenic (i.e., the introduction of a gene or trait from one species into another unrelated species) germplasm in our source material and breeding program, as well the absence of any GMO material in the seed production, cleaning, storage and shipment chain. We do not use GMO techniques in our breeding program and we carefully isolate our seed production from possible GMO crops. We test all relevant seed for absence of GMOs and we control the entire chain from production to delivery to our customer. As we are 100% certified organic, our products are likewise certified to be free of GMOs.

We Preserve Heirloom and Traditional Varieties
Heirloom and traditional varieties have endured because of their time-tested value to generations of gardeners and farmers. Whether for their great taste, high nutrition or vigorous growth, we are trying to preserve as many of these treasured varieties as possible. We offer both open-pollinated and hybrid seeds, all of which represent agro-biodiversity as well as value to the gardener, farmer and consumer of the end food products.

We Research What We Sell
Each year our researchers cultivate hundreds of varieties of plants under organic conditions to make sure that the seeds you buy will thrive in your organic garden. Furthermore, our seeds are carefully cleaned and meticulously inspected before undergoing rigorous germination testing, all to provide you with the best product possible.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality, 100% certified organic, flower, herb and vegetable seeds and to make them available to everyone who wishes to start with the best for their organic garden or farm.

Thank you for supporting us in our mission to preserve biodiversity and promote sustainable agriculture.