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Seeds of Change
Harvesting is one of the most satisfying aspects of gardening. It is the time of the year when all the hard work, love and tenderness pays off.


Introduction to Seed Saving
Introduction to Seed Saving:

Beginner’s basic guide to saving tomato and bean seeds.

Storing Your Garden Bounty
Storing Your Garden Bounty:

Enjoy fresh produce in the depths of winter.

Keep Vegetables in the Ground for Winter
Keep Vegetables in the Ground for Winter:

Keep them cozy right in the ground.

Harvest Videos

How to Harvest Salad Mix

Quick tips for harvesting salad mix and stimulating regrowth.

Planning Your Garden

The 5 Keys to setting up your successful garden

Soil Preparation

Put your effort into building good soil for easier garden maintenance and long lasting rewards

Direct Seeding and Transplanting

Step by step instructions for getting your crops growing